Coconut Yogurt Parfait

It is still very warm here in Florida, and I’ve put my morning oatmeal on hold for a while.   I’m loving this coconut yogurt parfait combination I’ve been making.  It’s delicious and full of nutrition! [and it’s vegan and gluten free – should that matter to you!]



What you’ll need:

Vanilla cultured coconut “yogurt” (I love the kind from Trader Joe’s)

Granola of choice (TJ’s gluten free granola shown here)

Chia seeds

Hemp hearts

fruit of choice (I love berries)

Shaklee vanilla energizing soy protein or life shake


I like adding the vanilla protein to boost the protein level here – coconut yogurt isn’t known for having a whole lot naturally.  Add 1-2tbsp protein plus 1-3tsp chia seeds and let sit.  top with fruit (sometimes I use frozen berries and let sit overnight), 1tbsp hemp hearts (more protein and healthy fats – yay!) and granola – Enjoy!