Do You Graze?

So, the whole BOX CRAZE has been growing for a while now, and I’ve been CURIOUS.  Dog treats, nail polish, snacks of all kinds, skin care, you name it and they make a monthly box for it! I don’t know about you, but I don’t like committing to something that I don’t have a reference point for, so I have never tried them before now.

I had a coupon for a Free 4 snack box sampler from Graze and went for it!

I love that the website lets you easily select food and ingredient preferences.  You can look through all snack options and select ones you might like or not want at all.

My first box came with 4 snacks and they were all delicious.



So, a few weeks later, I ended up getting a full sized box with 8 snacks in it.

So far, these have been delicious as well! I love how easy it is to give your feedback on the website on snacks you don’t like, like, and love and your feedback will help create the best boxes for you.  It is also super easy to skip weeks (or cancel should you choose to).  No weird stuff with having to call a number and convince someone to let you out.  Just simple.


One of the other things that I love is that everything is already portioned out, and all I have to do is grab a snack and be on my way! All the nutrition facts are on their website, too.  The snacks are actually healthy and have nutritional value (win!)


If you are looking for ways to try new snacks, have a variety each week instead of the same thing every day, and want it to be simple and convenient, I think giving Graze a try is worth it.

If you use THIS LINK you can get a 4 sampler box sent directly to your home for free, with no obligation!

Happy grazing!

Dr. Lauren


*I was not paid for this review nor solicited by Graze*