Headache Help

5 types of headaches and how to help:


Stress, Sinus, Migraine, Hypoglycemic, Cyclical

Under each kind of headache, I have listed some symptoms of that particular kind of headache, causes and what has helped others.
~Bonnie Edkin, Nutritional Consultant/Environmental Chemist



1. Muscles in back of neck in knots
2. Ache begins in back of neck and moves upward over skull to forehead 3. Usually does not throb or pulsate


Muscular tension in neck and shoulders due to stressful situation OR physical position of neck. Tensed muscles in the neck/shoulder area constrict blood flow & reduce oxygenation of tissues in that area.


1. Moist heat on neck area; gentle neck rolls to stretch muscles; massage tissues; ginger root compress (1 T grated, raw ginger root in cup of hot water; strain and use liquid on cloth on back of neck)

2. Nutritional helps: Vita Lea & protein provide a balance of nutrients to feed muscles;Calcium Magnesium to relax muscles; Vitamin E to maintain good circulation; B complexto support adrenal glands through stress



1. Tenderness in forehead, cheekbones, eyes, gums and/or teeth 2. Sinus drainage, possibly with sore throat


Diet (many people have sensitivities to dairy and wheat); dry air (irritating to sinus membranes); mal-formed sinus cavities; respiratory allergies


Diet: avoid dairy and wheat

Other: accupressure – use fingers to press on either side of nose between eyes (there will be tender spots there); humidify room air; warm compress on face; steam face over pot of hot water with 2 to 3 drops of eucalyptus oil in it; sinus irrigation – 1/2 c warm water, 1/2 t. salt, 1/8 t baking soda: use small bulb syringe to squirt mixture into one nostril, while sniffing and holding other nostril closed; Herbal Blend Multi-purpose cream (it is mentholated) on forehead, cheeks; Herbal-Menthol Lozenges

Nutritional helps: Anti-inflammatories to relieve inflammation in mucous membranes and anti-invectives to prevent and/or fight infection – alfalfa (take to tolerance 6 – 20/day);vitamin C; beta-carotene; garlic; Formula I; echinacea (ShakleeDr ); zinc



Occurs right before or during ovulation


An imbalance in hormones (estrogen or progesterone) or prostaglandin


Nutritional helps: use basic products to balance hormones 2. Natural progesterone made from wild yam root



1. Begins in front, possibly on one side of head
2. Sharp stabbing pains, may feel pulse in head
3. Nausea; may feel “foggy” (Nausea is not from pain, but from chemical/hormonal changes)
4. Visual changes (such as flashes)


Dilation of blood vessels causes too much blood in some areas and then constriction of vessels in other areas; allergies; certain foods (such as chocolate, red wine, MSG [found in Chinese food], cheese, nitrates [found in bacon, lunch meats], caffeine [although this can be used to treat a migraine if it is not used regularly]) or activities (such as position you were in while sleeping, being in bright light) may trigger a migraine for some people; a drop in serotonin level; where you are in your cycle; hormones (such as prostaglandin) being out of balance


1. Record of activities and diet so as to determine if there is any connection between these and the migraines.

2. Diet to bring prostaglandin in balance: avoid red meats; increase intake of fatty acids (salmon, trout, nuts, seeds [monitor the nuts and seeds as some have sensitivities to these and bring on a migraine], canola and safflower oils)

3. Other:

A.) Prevention: regular exercise to promote better circulation and increase serotonin levels (do not exercise once a migraine begins); wear sun-glasses in bright light;
B.) Help during: hand-warming – place hands in basin of warm water to increase blood flow to hands and draw it away from dilated vessels; cold cloth on back of neck to take excessive blood away from head;

4. Nutritional helps:
A.) Prevention: Vita Lea & protein for overall health; B complex to balance adrenal;vitamin E for healthy circulation; Calcium Magnesium to keep muscles in balance (all of these are used to make prostaglandin from fatty acids); lecithin, EPA, GLA and flax seed oil supplements to provide essential fatty acids; Vivix to help with inflammation and cell health
B.) Help during: feverfew capsules or tincture (those with regular migraines have had success taking these daily – a couple capsules/day or 2 droppersful /day; others have had success taking 2 to 4 capsules at the beginning of a headache and another 2 to 4 capsules in a couple of hours if it begins to come back); GLA rubbed onto side of head where ache is; taking something with caffeine to constrict the blood vessels (this usually only works if your body is not used to caffeine or caffeine sensitive.)



1.Dull, constant headache
2.Mild nausea
5.May not remember what happened in last few minutes


Drop in blood sugar level causes serotonin level to drop


1. Diet: eating regularly; carrying a high-fiber snack (such as air-popped popcorn, apple) with you; avoiding caffeine, sugar and alcohol
2. Nutritional helps:  protein and fiber help to keep blood sugar levels under control (keeping fiber wafers around to snack on, mixing fiber into protein drink); B-complex, sustained release vitamin C, licorice root to support adrenal which regulate blood sugar (avoid this if there is a tendency toward high blood pressure or diarrhea)

3. Regular exercise



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