Mashed Cauliflower and Vegan Gravy

My intention was to share more about meal preparation, although I’m feeling a little stuck on what to share.  So instead, I think I’m going to just start sharing my favorite things to cook that last for several days!

Mashed Caulifower

Mashed cauliflower is one of my favorite side dishes.  For those of you that are new to the dish, you may want to make mashed cauliflower with potatoes (although this is not necessary if you love cauliflower or are feeling adventurous!)

First, boil about 1lb of cubed Yukon Gold potatoes for about 10 minutes




Then, add one small head of cauliflower, cut into small-ish pieces and boil for about 10 more minutes (Until everything is soft but not falling apart).






Finally, use a hand-mixer, potato masher, or food processor to mash and blend together.  I also added some freshly roasted garlic to mine and a dash of salt and pepper.  You can add a little vegetable broth, if needed, but typically the cauliflower holds onto enough liquid that it is not necessary.  (Apparently, I forgot to take a picture of this part!) Then, feel free to make some veggie filled gravy, if desired:


Slice fresh crimini mushrooms and wash fresh rosemary (I plucked this out of my garden)



Dice 1 small yellow or sweet onion




Saute onion and garlic in olive oil in a sauce pan, until onion is translucent.  Then add mushrooms and rosemary and cook until mushrooms are soft.



The mushrooms will release a lot of water.  Keep cooking until nearly all of this water has been cooked off.


Then, add about 1 cup vegetable broth and 1-2tbs flour (of your choosing) and stir until gravy thickens up.  Add seasoning to taste (salt, pepper, oregano).  Enjoy!