Mason Jar Lunches

I love using mason jars to put my prepared food in! They look great and it’s easy to see what is in each container in the fridge.

I prepare most of my meals for the week ahead of time, especially lunches.  That way, I have something to grab easily before I head out the door in the morning that I know is healthy, well-balanced, and delicious – It also helps keep my grocery budget on track!

Here is my most recent lunch creation:



~2 cups cooked brown rice

~2 cups asparagus (I used frozen, but fresh works great when in season!)

1 red bell pepper

4 servings Beyond Meat “grilled chicken” (or another chicken/chicken-like choice)

6 cubes frozen basil, 2 cubes frozen garlic (from Trader Joe’s.  Feel free to use fresh)

Salt and pepper (optional)


The How:

1. Let asparagus thaw while preparing other items (or steam fresh asparagus)

2. Mix together basil, garlic, and salt and pepper (optional) and coat “chicken” strips

3. Slice red bell pepper into thin strips (and then in half again cross-wise)

4. Cook brown rice

5. Time to put it all together! I first put the asparagus spears in each jar, then 1/4 coated chicken mixture, and 1/4 red bell pepper.  Once the rice was most cooled, I put about 1/2cup rice on the top of each jar and helped it settle between the other items.  When ready to eat – heat for 1.5-2 minutes and then enjoy!