More Weekly Meal Preparation Ideas!


I am doing a 28 day Challenge with my Project Dream team and this is what my weeks look similar to right now

I’m having 2 Shaklee 180 smoothies per day (They’re delicious, easy for summer, and taste like a treat on these hot summer days), Raw veggies for snacking (Rainbow carrots cut into sticks are my new favorite snack!), fresh fruit (last week I had pineapple and peaches from the farmers market), a hearty salad (this one had seasoned quinoa, salsa, corn, black beans, and baby spinach), bananas for shakes, lemon water, and squash for squash chips!

I LOVE using mason jars for food prep. The glass jars helps the food stay fresh longer, they look pretty, are better for the environment (and your body) than plastic, and I can easily see everything I have made in my fridge!