My Favorite Things 2016 – Basic H

Happy Fri-YAY everyone!

The year is flying by – we are already on week 4 of My Favorite Things!

My Favorite Things

This week I want to share with you my favorite cleaner.  Now, I know that this may not seem all that exciting on the surface, but just wait!

I bring to you my favorite thing of this week….. Basic H!!!

This photo is from when my partner and I combined households last year… I replaced all of his cleaners with my one little bottle of Basic H (and a bottle of Basic G…more on that later!)

basic h comparison


I was introduced to this by my friend Bonnie Donahue (From about 2 years ago and now I use it for almost everything! It’s super concentrated, so a little goes a LONG way.  I wanted to share this with you this week as we head into that restless time of year where we are waiting for winter to be over and perhaps start Spring Cleaning!

What is Basic H (Household)

I use it for dusting the house, washing the windows and mirrors, mopping the floor, washing my car, shampooing the carpet, giving my dog a bath wiping the appliances, washing the granite to spot removal and much, much more!!!

Not only is it the best…it is the CHEAPEST and….it is the SAFEST!!!!!!!

It is cheaper than vinegar and it is organic!!!!  Oh yeah, and ……… WORKS!! and doesn’t STINK!

Basic H instructions





  • Basic-H2 is the most economical cleaner you can buy. One quart makes 192 gallons of cleaning solution by following directions.
  • Do Not Use More Than Recommended. A little goes a long way! Save $$!
  • Basic-H2 contains no acids, no alkalis, no kerosene or solvent, and has no offensive or detergent odor.
  • Basic-H2 has pH factor of 6.5, right in the range of human skin.
  • Basic-H2 makes water many times wetter.
  • Basic-H2 is a fantastically versatile cleaner. The successor is soap!
  • Basic-H2 does not hinder bacterial action of septic tanks or cesspools.
  • DO NOT put fingers or foreign matter into Basic-H2 container. Large amounts of bacteria can cause degrading action and weaken your cleaner.
  • In extremely stubborn areas of grease or stains, use Shaklee’s Scour Off scouring cleaner.

I recommend starting with:

Get Clean Start Kit (regular or un-scented)
Basic G {Germicide}

It is up to us to give our kids the best we can.  You everything for your kids, so why not clean WITHOUT harsh chemicals.

Not only is the Get Clean Line natural & safe for us, our families, and the planet, the actually work and by that, I mean…they ROCK….and they save you money!


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Love and light,

Dr. Lauren