Nutrition for Your Skin


Did you know that your skin is your biggest organ?  Did you also know that you can tell a lot about someone’s health by their skin?

What goes in your body, shows on the outside and I’m not just talking about your weight.

I’m talking about your skin!

If you are having skin issues, you might need to look deeper than the products you are putting on yourself.  (Although, I would recommend starting with this line because it’s natural, it works, and it gives your skin the nutrients that it craves.)

What you eat and put in your mouth makes a huge difference! I am not a doctor here to give you facts and figures, I’m just here to share what is working for me and what works for my family and friends. Focus on healing your skin from the inside out.

My Story

I never had many skin issues during adolescence.  It wasn’t until my 20’s that I started to get more blemishes.  It seemed that as soon as I got my skin cleared up, I would have more blemishes the next day. I tried all sorts of products – from ProActiv to “natural” products from the drug store. Nothing ever worked very well or for very long.

Fast forward to Spring 2014 when I discovered Shaklee, and soon after had allergy testing done.  I discovered some progress after switching to the Shaklee skin care line and then even more after following a natural reset (more about that here) my skin cleared up! I later discovered that I have a couple food allergies and keeping those foods cut out (or at least significantly restricted) really keeps my skin clear.  The final part for me is what I use to wash my laundry – especially my sheets! We put our faces on our pillows every night and expose them to whatever we wash our sheets with.  This is what I’m using and loving now.




I have also seen huge skin improvements on my friends, family, and clients!

If you want to know what vitamins are the best for your skin, keep reading!  This will help you or you can get your money back!!

A Nutrition Mission for the Skin

PROTEIN: Building new cells…New skin

Protein is one of the few substances we must ingest. We cannot make our own protein. It’s needed for every cell. Shaklee’s RAW vegetable Energizing Soy Protein means less toxic substances, less hormonal disturbances, no cholesterol, less fat, less acid and longer cell life.

VITA LEA: Proper balance of all 23 vitamins and minerals

Includes important trace minerals. Your body cannot produce minerals.
They must be provided in your diet. Foods that are not organically grown are low in minerals.

B-COMPLEX: Reduces stress reactions in the skin like canker sores & shingles

Lip problems, especially cracks at the corners of lips, indicate B Complex deficiency. Stress may cause skin breakouts. Is you skin too oily or to dry? B Complex will balance your skin.

VITA C: Collagen construction and tissue integrity

Helps your body resist infection. A deficiency of C or protein can contribute to wrinkles and sagginess! Sufficient C will help with resiliency and collagen formation. Environmental pollution and stress destroys C. Deficiency can increase allergies and skin problems.

VITA E: Delays aging process, De-activates free radicals

Tones muscles, improves elasticity, increases circulation, protects cell membranes, assists body in utilizing oils, relieves itchiness. Leathery skin may be improved by Vitamin E.

LECITHIN: Plumps the skin, beneficial to nerves and thereby skin functions

Some have found lecithin to be helpful in eczema.

OMEGA 3 ACIDS: Omega 3s and Lecithin help to provide essential fatty acids

Your skin needs these oils to stay soft and supple, especially if you are on a low fat diet. Omega 3s have been found to be very helpful with psoriasis.

ZINC: Healing factor, helpful with immune system and acne

Collagen manufacture slows down without zinc.

HERB LAX: Skin is one avenue of elimination of toxins

Insures proper elimination so that the skin has less of a work load.

IMMUNITY FORMULA I: Contains the antioxidants to assist your immune system in preventing free radical damage and aging.

CAROTOMAX: Complex of carotenoids, including Beta Carotene, which is the precursor for Vitamin A production — no one has healthy skin without sufficient Vitamin A. Beta Carotene is the best way to get Vitamin A because it is stored in all the cells in the body, not just in the liver.

LIVER DTX: A sluggish liver is the reason for fatty deposits in the skin, commonly called age spots or liver spots. Using milk thistle in Liver DTX can help rejuvenate liver function and keep the skin young and healthy looking.


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Here are a few before and after pics from my friends just from switching skincare lines!  They all use Enfuselle now!

This is my friend Jennifer.



This is my friend Sarah.



This is my friend Michelle.(null)



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