Start Your Business Today with this Gold Kit Special!

I am SO excited to tell you about the great special Shaklee just announced!  There is no better time to take advantage of this if you are even remotely interested in starting a business of your own this summer.  Let’s talk about partnering with the #1 natural nutrition company in the U.S.!




If you aren’t familiar with Shaklee, that’s OK!  I highlighted some of my favorite products here and you can learn more about my amazing team here.  Truly, the products are the best and almost sell themselves once people try them.  My favorite product is the business opportunity though, because it has been life changing for me and for so many others as well!

One of the things I love most about my business is connecting with like minded people around the country and the opportunity to travel and see my team!

I’ve posted before about my trip last year to:

Long Beach for the 2014 Global Conference (Ah-mazing!)




For a limited time (ends 8/10), Shaklee is offering FREE products with the purchase of a Gold or Gold Plus business kit.  The kits are already an amazing value, because you get a ton of products, tools to get started, and free tickets to regional and global conference!  Shaklee is making starting your own business even sweeter with this special.

If you join with the Gold Plus Pak (this is what I started with – it gives you the best bang for your buck), Shaklee will give you THREE FREE products: Vitalizer Women, a canister Shaklee 180 Energizing Smoothee in Chocolate, and a canister of Shaklee 180 Energizing Smoothee in Vanilla! That’s $159 in additional product, which is awesome!

If you join with the Gold Pak, Shaklee will give you TWO FREE products: Vitalizer Women and Vanilla Vitalizing Smoothie mix.  That’s $111 in free stuff. I don’t know about you, but I like FREE!



Check all the kits HERE.  If this gets your brain thinking, email me at  Lauren@RunTowardsHealth or find out more about partnering with me HERE. I’d love to share more and see if this is a good fit for you. It’s a great time to get started!

If you are already a Shaklee member, the process is a bit different and you can upgrade with a Gold or Gold Plus Pak right from the profile page right on your member page.  Just email me if you have any questions!

I can’t wait to help you get started!