Using Your Tax Refund Wisely

It’s that time of year that many people are getting very large tax refunds.  It is also very common for people to have spent through all of it before spring, with little to show for it.  Here are some ways that you can stretch that tax money a little further:

Spend it

But perhaps not in the frivolous way that most people do.  I don’t mean go out and buy a big screen TV or a vehicle you can’t afford. What I mean is spend it wisely. Use it at your local wholesale store to stock up your freezer for the year.  Use it to buy new tires for your vehicle to save money on gas milage.  Pay for a year’s worth of car insurance – this will save you on installment fees for paying monthly.  I could go on and on here.  The idea is to spend money on things that will end up SAVING you money throughout the year.

Save it

This is actually really hard for some of us (me included!). Saving money isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do but so worth it.  I have heard of people that save their tax refund into an account that they can’t touch and then have their house payment auto drafted out of the account each month!  It is a great idea to save that money for things such as back to school expenses, Christmas, and emergencies that pop up throughout the year.

Invest it

Have you been wanting to start a business but you just haven’t had the extra money? Are you needing a college fund for the kids? Would you like to start your own retirement savings fund? Use your tax refund! Make your money work for you.  Do something that will allow those dollars to duplicate over time.

Speaking of Starting a Business…

Using your tax refund to start your own business is a great way to invest in yourself! I talk to people all the time who want to start their own home-based business but struggle to come up with a few hundred dollars all at once.  There is no better time than now to use your tax refund money to invest in a business that will keep paying you back! A home-based business with the right company can mean residual income for you and your family for your future – including setting yourself up for retirement and your children’s futures! Did you know that you can often use your business start up kit cost as a tax deduction next year?!

I am so thankful that I started my Shaklee business 2 years ago! It has provided me a wonderful opportunity to help others improve their health and the health of their families, on a schedule that works for me! This is also a great time of year to join my team, because our program for earning a FREE trip just started in January, so you have the whole rest of the year to earn a FREE trip for you and your family and to earn FREE car payments.  One little investment from your tax refund, can keep paying you back all year long!

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Don’t let another tax refund slip out of your hand without putting all of those dollars to good use!

What do you use your refund for? I’d love to hear from you!


Dr. Lauren